THE TIMES (ex OAG & Polythene)

29 03 2008

This is The Times Rock n Roll band from Malaysia. The Band was formed on 31st August 2004 by two Brothers Naza and Mono, who are really into British mod culture and musical influences. Not long after that, Alem (ex- Nerd), Hamzah (DJ Acid Mods), and Irfan (Ex- A.C.A.B) joined the party after realizing that they have common taste and interest. The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, Smith, Oasis and Stone Roses are among our favorites and inspiration. These are the bands that influenced us in terms of lyrics and songwriting as well as fashion and attitude… The band focus on ideas, creativity, originality and attitude… On 30 November 2004 the band released their 1st album entittled “Soda pop Rok n Rol”. The album was nominated Top 5 best new artist to Anugerah Industri Muzik Malaysia 2005. an elegantly noisy pop celebration. By now their live shows were being talked of as something very special and they’d built an extensive, committed fan base. That’s the history. Now in 2007 we have release our new records ” NADA MELANKOLIK MALAYA” its a new benchmark for indie rock music with originality and fresh sound. Times are marching to new sound of melancholy.





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4 08 2008

1 kptsn yang tpt yg dibaut oleh naza.menubhkan the times.

4 08 2008

frst time aku tngk the time kat tv3 dlm mhi.time 2 dorg nyayi lg gdis ku dlam koma.katenye naza,lg 2 die tuju kat mak aku dah leh trima lg dorg.

14 09 2008

naza minum arak

14 09 2008

u noe what guys? thats the bad thing about our music cultures, even other local celebrities sometimes not really good enough to say that they are “free from drugs and alcohol”. haha. but whats really important here is, we as music lovers, just enjoy the music and ignore about their bad attitudes and behaviour. its about them with the God. and muslims out there, happy berpuasa and hari raya. jangan puasa jer tapi tak solat. hehe…

27 01 2009

baik korang dgr band lama Si Alem dgn Nazreen NERD

15 10 2009

Kamu ialah tahi

15 10 2009

rasa syg tunjuk La tahi

15 10 2009

naza mesti kena sebat sebab minum arak..

15 11 2009

tu dulu bro…dia dah insaff..tapi mmg..walau aku pminat naza,namun aku x dapat nafikan mgkut agama ksayanganku..minum arak kna sebat….smua ni salah kerajaan bukan salah individu jer…kerajaan bN kena btanggungjwab kpd semua pmuda dan seluruh umat mlaysia yang tlibat dgn mnum arak,zina..dia kna btanggungjwab dpan Allah sebab BN tak laksanakn hukum hudud untuk ngara islam ini…lau laksana hudud mgkin naza juga ntara individu yang x minum arak dulu kerna hukum Allah adalah pnyelesaian sgala masalah…yakinlah kita sbgai umat islam!!!!!!

23 09 2010

go go go go go britpooop!!!!!!!!!!!

21 02 2011
17 boys batu kawa

All the best pok! Lama sik dengar cerita kita org!

7 07 2011
Ariff Fahmi

naza ada facebook ka?klau ada kasi taw laa

25 11 2011
ckay wawa


23 07 2011

ber lantak orgla nk sibuk3 peribadi habit org_smua msti brubah jd baikla_yg ckp bdoh3 tu kutuk3 tu xsdar dri sbab tak maju3_relaks the times rmai lg pminat len yg sapot band anda_sya bnggala adik bradik kamcing 1 kpla mcm naza n mono_muzik maintain n trus idup je_

25 11 2011
ckay wawa

the times selamanya.. 🙂

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