POLYTHENE – Modern Technicolor Motion (The Times Origin)

7 04 2008

Polythene started as a 3 piece indie-rock outfit in early 1998 before David ex-Future Primitive joining them at their first show alongside with CHRONICMASS,VOICEOUT, NET, STATUS 103 and SIREN LIBERTY. Describing their sound as melodic-indie rock with influences such as SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE, MINERAL, BRAID, JIMMY EAT WORLD, SUPERCHUNK, PIEBALD, ELLIOT, KILL HOLIDAY, CAP N JAZZ, THE PROMISE RING, JOY DIVISION, RIDE, SLOWDIVE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE & THE VERVE.

The band has released their 1st debut EP called “This Life Cumulative” in 2001 under their own DIY label which consist 4 songs. Original line-up: Nataza(Vocal), Fyzal(Drums), Alem(Guitar).



Emergency n Her


NAtional Monody Stereo

We r The Science

THe Modern Technicolor Motion


Download Page: OneFOlderPage




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