TELEBURY – Is There Us In You?

10 04 2008

It all started in 1997, by Adrian and Sam during their training days for a local company. With their experience during their early 90’s band and being bored (thought working on daily jobs would be a curse), both decided to start back again. Offically formed in 1999 after recruiting/meeting up/jamming with some friends. Inspired by an electric guitar Telecaster and Eavis’s Glastonbury festival, Telebury was born. Musically, influenced by the Brits. The Cure, U2, Longpigs, Radiohead and Elbow. A three guitar-attack band, described as melancholic/dreamy/raising heaven from the distant echoes. The band recorded “Di mana bulan selalu retak” a theatre-play theme song for A. Samad Said for their first released. We’re based here, Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E Malaysia.

“Is there us in you?” Ep was released on October 2003. Australian Digital Music Chart has spotted Telebury at No.2 in the Indie album chart (October 2003) for “is there us in you?” Hit Singles; Overdrive and God Speed Your Love.

Track listing:
1. Overdrive
2. God speed your love
3. If you…would you…
4. Omega
5. Radio out and burnt

B side:
Inspired by false alarm
Can’t you see?

KDMG: Sounds like combination of OAG and Nice Stupid Playground




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