COUPLE – Teenage Disc Fantastic (Pre-release)

15 11 2008


Hello guys! after a long period of time, i come back with couple of songs from Couple it self. Yes! Here two new songs from band called Couple from their upcoming album entitled “Teenage Disc Fantastic” which will be out this coming December. SO lets listen to it, and wait for the full album, or you go buy it for me! =)

1) C’mon Operator

2) Love YOu YEs

Download link:

provide by SaveFile.Com

new updated:

3) Get Over You

Download song “Get Over You” by Couple

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8 responses

15 11 2008

pe pasword dye nih

15 11 2008

akhirnye bley gak

18 11 2008

err,,password dia ape ehh?

23 11 2008

what dza mne carik password
dah xdpt download ni
bro give da password la bro

24 11 2008
prof kdmg

please guys…please go through the front page first before you proceed with any download pages, at least you get some clue or valuable informations. i cannot answer the same question all the time because i already give the answer at the first place! so guys, password at the Ding-Dong page. Go read for a while

24 11 2008

okayy2, prof kdmg..jgn marah2 okayy! sy pi bace skang gak! =D

26 12 2008
aku la

gila lembb

4 02 2009

mana lagu baru lagi ni? hehe…lembap takpa…jji dpt download…dah la free…wakaka

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